Only we give 2 years of warranty !


Stepless transmission, using a belt between adjusting pulleys.

Typical faults for Multitronic:

  • No option to get the gear
  • Loosing gear while driving
  • Self changing gear while driving from D (DRIVE) to S (SPORT)<
  • When engine is cold all is OK, but when it gets warmer it starts to behave strange
  • F 125 switch error
  • Counter error (G 195, G 196, G 182)
  • Error with N88, N216, N215
  • No option to start engine in P position (it stars on N)
  • Gearbox in error state, the table with gear numbers flashes
and many others faults, please call us for verification: +48 792 92 96 91.

01J 927 156 HH01J927156 HH, HT, DB, J, JK
4B0 910 155 C4B0910155C
8E0 910 155 K8E0910155C

ABS 4F0 series ABS 4F0 series Gearboxes DSG