Only we give 2 years of warranty !


Direct Shift Gearbox, automatic gearbox, gwarantująca bardzo krótkie przełożenia przy zachowaniu wysokiej ekonomiczności i komfortu jazdy. Pozwala ona także na zmianę biegów w sposób sekwencyjny.

The typical DSG faults:

  • No communications with gearbox over diagnostics
  • Loosing gear while driving
  • No gear info and icons of ABS/ESP & ECU are turned on
  • When engine is cold all is OK, but when it gets warmer it starts to behave strange
  • When engine gets warmer car stops, it look like there is no gear, after turning off and waiting some time for cooldown, You can again drive few kilometers
  • No control of selenoids
  • Gearbox tries to change gear but it can't
  • Gearbox in error state, the table with gear numbers flashes
and many others faults, please call us for verification: +48 792 92 96 91.

H37 S02E927770AE
H34 S02E927770AD

ABS 4F0 series ABS 4F0 series Gearboxes DSG